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How many mix Podencos have you met in your life that jump into the water?! Well, our super star does!!! And loves it.
She is a Podi Mix about 8 months, with an uncertain past on her back and 1 abandon already. 

No matter the fact that humans have betrayed her already, Jinx is just an explosion of happiness and good vibes.  

Her mood is always on the top and her energy also. 

She is playful, funny, sociable.. did we say playful already? Like very playful.
She smiles constantly and also loves to run and to play the chaise-game with her Podi friends. But most of all.Jinx loves humans.
She is highly intelligent and a fast learner and sadly… she cries and cries at the door when we leave her side yet,

she is just a puppy with a grown up body. 

Jinx deserves and needs a forever family who will cover her of love, dedication, time, action and structure. Somebody that

understands her interesting mix breed and who can love her till the moon.

Would you like to include Jinx in your life? 
She will light your days and for sure she will help you stay fit.

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